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Subsupplier Development Program

The development program for subsuppliers in the wind industry is a new nationwide project focusing on strengthening small and medium-sized possibilities and their ability to navigate in a wind industry in rapid transformation.

The initiative aims to spur innovative growth and create more innative companies and jobs by helping primarily small and medium-sized suppliers in the wind industry, to:

  • Strengthen cooperation within system deliveries
  • Implement the new industry standards for testing, validation, and quality assurance
  • Digitize and further automate the companies business and production processes
  • Establish new global value chain collaborations and partnerships
  • Strengthen innovation through innovative cooperation with other companies and knowledge institutions
  • Strengthen level of competence by providing a technology boost

Target group
The development program is aimed at all subsuppliers working with the production of components, installation or service of wind turbines.

Project in three phases

The development program consists of a series of three phases:

  1. Establishment of innovation networks and identification of relevant innovation projects 
  2. Concept development and project testing through cooperation in innovation activities
  3. Business development through counseling and preparation of growth plans

The project was established by the National Wind Program and Megavind, and is supported by “Region Midjylland”, “Region Nordjylland” and The European Union. The Danish Wind Industry Association functions as facilitator and secretariat for the project in close cooperation with our partners:  Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Technical University of Denmark, DAMRC, Hub North, University of Southern Denmark and Væksthus Midtjylland.

If  your company is interested in more information about the network, or how to participate, feel free to contact Programme Manager Peter Aarø Rasmussen, [email protected] (+ 45 3373 0339).


Peter Aarų Rasmussen

Peter Aarų Rasmussen

Danish Wind Industry Association
Vodroffsvej 59
DK- 1900 Frederiksberg

Programme Manager

Home Phone: +45 3373 0339


More information

You can read more about the program here (in Danish).



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