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Service & Aftersales Network

The Danish Wind Industry Association’s Service & Aftersales Network is a newly established forum for members interested in working with frameworks and definitions for the service and aftersales market.

The market is relatively new and there are still a number of challenges that makes it a difficult market to navigate in - both as a subcontractor, service provider, manufacturer of wind turbines and as an energy company. Themes for the meetings could therefore be:

  • Scope and definition for service and aftersales
  • Cooperative relationships between turbine manufacturers, subcontractor and service providers
  • Challenges and requirements in general
  • Operations and Maintenance - on & offshore (O&M service)
Participation in the network costs 7.500 DKK + VAT yearly, and it is possible to enter two participants from each member company. You must be a member of DWIA to enter the network. It is possible to participate as a guest one time for free. The network is open to all members of DWIA and therefore it is possible that meetings with competing companies participating on equal terms can occur.

If you wish to participate or have any questions regarding the network, please contact Project Manager Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen by email or phone (+45 22 28 20 75)


Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen

Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen

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Senior Project Manager


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