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Sales & Marketing Network

The Danish Wind Industry Association’s Sales &  Marketings Network is a professional forum for managers working with sales, export and marketing, who in their daily work engage in strategic, operational and tactical sales, export and marketing in the company.

The network deals with sales related challenges and management within themes such as:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer loyalty
  • Benchmarking
  • Solution Selling
  • Cross border management
  • Change management 
  • Sales management
Participation in the network costs 7.500 DKK + VAT yearly, and it is possible to enter two participants from each member company. You must be a member of DWIA to enter the network. It is possible to participate as a guest one time for free. The network is open to all members of DWIA and therefore it is possible that meetings with competing companies participating on equal terms can occur.
Participating members include:

  • A2SEA
  • AB Inventech
  • AH Industries
  • DAFA
  • DEIF 
  • East Metal Trade 
  • GLPS 
  • HBC Hyperbaric Consult
  • Hydra-Grene  
  • Hydratech Industries Wind Power
  • KK Wind Solutions  
  • L&S-Nibe Wind Components
  • Liftra
  • RT9 - Danish Rope Access 
  • Siemens Industry Sector
  • Øglænd System Denmark
If you wish to participate or have any questions regarding the network, please contact Project Manager Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen by email or phone (+45 22 28 20 75)


Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen

Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen

Danish Wind Industry Association
Vodroffsvej 59
DK- 1900 Frederiksberg

Senior Project Manager


Danish Wind Industry Association

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