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DWEA networking group China

The Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA), the Danish Wind Export Association (DWEA) and the Danish Export Association now provide a networking group for on- and offshore wind companies that either have or want to get a foothold in the Chinese wind market, either by direct exports, establishment of a company, office, production, or warehouses.

Why participate?
The experience of other networking groups tell us that together we are stronger, especially when we act in larger units, for example at fairs, export promotion, the establishment of joint offices and warehouses, innovation cooperation or the development projects and services etc. It has also been shown previously that when we act together, new ideas and synergies arise among the participants to develop their business together and/or separately.

Who can benefit from the networking group?
The DWEA networking group China caters to a variety of key personnel from wind companies, such as the CEO, export manager, service manager and others who can benefit from a confidential sparring forum and an exchange of experience between companies that are either in China, on the way to the China or who are considering the China as the next destination in their development strategy.

The meetings
The DWEA networking group China meet at different participating companies 3-4 times a year. 2 meetings are held in Denmark and 1-2 meetings are held in China, one of them in connection with AWEA WINDPOWER or a similar event. The themes of the meetings may include:

  • Establishment in the market
  • Recruitment and retention of local labor
  • Sales processes in the market
  • Legal issues
  • Start-up packages
  • Market structure, including projects and actors
  • Relevant events

Practical information
Participation in the network costs 5000 DKK yearly, and it is possible to enter two participants from each member company (when entering two participants, the second participant will get 50% of the price). You must be a member of DWIA to enter the network. It is possible to participate as a guest one time for free. The network is open to all members of DWIA and therefore it is possible that meetings with competing companies participating on equal terms can occur.


If you wish to participate or have any questions regarding the network, please contact Project Manager Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen by email or phone (+45 22 28 20 75).

Danish Wind Export Association (DWEA)

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