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The support for deployment of windpower in Denmark is widespread. 

In a survey conducted by Megafon in 2015 92 pct. of the respondents subscribe to the view that continued development of wind power in Denmark should be undertaken and 85 pct. note that they prefer wind as the energy form Denmark should focus on.  See the full survey here (in Danish).

A survey undertaken by Jysk Analyse among 1.278 neigbours to 125 turbines also show that neighbours are generally positive towards the neighbourliness. The survey shows that 81 pct of the neighbours do not experience any drawbacks from living close to the turbines. 4 pct. are to a large degree disturbed by the noise from the turbines, while 5 pct. point to some degree of disturbance. 

An open debate on localization of windturbines and specific projects is a natural and necessary part of the democratic debate.  When it comes to windturbines the debate is often undertaken on a foundation of myths. The Danish Wind Industry Association participates in the local debate through our subsidiary ’Viden om Vind’ (‘Knowledge about Wind’) and disseminate facts abouts windturbines to all interested parties- citizens as well as local politicians, civil servants and other stakeholders in the local decision making process. Read more about ‘Knowledge about Wind’ here (in Danish).


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