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EU and global

Denmark is not an island. The development in energy systems and policies in Europe is key to a continued deployment of wind energy in Denmark.

Deployment of wind energy in our neighboring countries, the internal market for energy, power market design, investments in the grid and not least the price of CO2 are all aspects that influence in a crucial way on a cost-efficient transition and continued deployment of wind in Denmark. The strategic EU focus on establishment of an Energy Union will set the parameters for the period after 2020 and establish the measures for delivery of the European 2030 climate and energy targets. 
Denmark’s financing of the green transition and design of support schemes for renewable energy also takes place in an EU frame. 
At the same time the role of the Danish market as an exhibition window is vital for the Danish wind industry, partly in terms of a stable domestic commercial market for deployment of new, modern turbines close to development and production facilities, partly for show casing an efficient and green energy system where windenergy makes up an ever increasing proportion of the energy supply. It is key for the deployment of wind energy globally and the ensuing export revenues for Denmark to show the context the wind turbines are part of. Wind energy is growing fast across the world and a large number of countries look to Denmark to learn how large volumes of windpower are integrated in the energy system.  

While experiencing large global growth and becoming a mainstream technology windpower is challenged in a number of political and technological areas. The Danish Wind Industry Association collaborates with several partners to promote windpower in Europe and across the globe. Read more about the current European and global agendas on and or follow our news

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