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Below you will find a number of English reports published by DWIA or in co-operation with other organisations.

For a more complete list of publications, we refer to the archive

State of Green White Paper: Wind energy moving ahead

The White Paper is published by the Danish Wind Industry Association and State of Green. Here, we have gathered lessons learned and state-of-the-art case examples from different Danish players and legislators with in the wind energy sector, showing for example how to integrate wind, invest in wind and how to optimize products to make more wind energy for less money.


O&M's contribution to reduced offshore costs

Perspectives on how Operation & Maintenance (O&M) innovations contribute to the reduction of levelized cost of energy (LCOE) in offshore wind parks.

Offshore Wind Denmark: A United Industry Thinking Big


The magazine is published by the Danish Wind Industry Association and It is a EWEA OFFSHORE special about offshore wind in Denmark addressing Denmark’s unique position and takes you on a tour through our offshore wind seascape. 


Megavind - Increasing the Owners Value of Wind Power Plants

This present strategy report from Megavind presents and discusses the possible future technological innovation related directly to wind power plants, which may increase the value of produced output from wind power plants operating in energy systems with large shares of wind. The report does not discuss broader energy systems innovations and demand side solutions even if these may greatly increase the asset value and societal value of wind.



This profile of the Danish wind industry describes the many competences offered by the hundreds of companies working with wind energy in Denmark – competences that combined create a unique wind energy hub. Released September 2014.

Megavind - The Danish Wind Power Hub

This report is the latest main strategy from Megavind, which replaces the first version from 2007.
The strategy adresses research, development, demonstration and innovation within wind technology and integration of wind in the energy system.

 You can also read the MegaVinds Offshore Roadmap


MegaVind - Wind Power Plants in the Energy System

This report is an update of "Wind Power Plants in the Energy System" from 2008.

The report is an analysis of possible areas of development in order to establish better integration of wind power in the Danish energy system.


Denmark - The Wind Power Hub; Transforming the Supply Chain

The purpose of this report is to illustrate how global trends in the wind industry have affected the Danish part of the industry.

The report will focus especially on the consequences of recent developments for the location and organisation of value chain activities as well as for the strategic challenges and opportunities these developments have created for Danish players in the wind power sector.

Wind Energy is the Way Ahead

This publication offers an insight into the unique competences in the Danish wind industry as well as interviews with politicians, news on innovation and the latest on the development offshore. The Danish version of the publication was sent out 13th of April 2012 as a newspaper insert in the Danish newspaper Børsen.

Denmarks future as leading centre of competence within the field of wind power

Megavind has developed the present report with the intention of assessing the challenges we are faced with if Denmark is to maintain its position as an internationally leading centre of competence within the field of wind power.

Denmark - Supplier of competetive offshore wind solutions (2010)

The partnership Megavind presents this brochure on strategy, research & development and demonstration in connection with offshore wind energy.

Denmark - Energy Policy Toolkit on System Integration of Wind Power

This is one of a series of energy policy toolkits by the Danish Low Carbon Transition 
Unit providing specific, technical and concrete information on Danish experiences and 
measures and results in promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency, targeting 
practitioners, governmental energy experts and policy makers.
Read the report here

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