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For more than 30 years, we have supplied the industry's (perhaps) best rubber products to all sorts of industries around the globe. The secret is experienced professionals, quality materials and fast delivery.

Expertise and know-how
We have made +1000 different rubber products for more than 500 customers. This has given us great technical expertise on manufacturing rubber products, which we bring with us into every solution. We would also like to share our expertise with you and participate in the development from the drawing board to finished product.

We live to deliver fast

One of our core competencies is to deliver quickly. We know that time often costs you dearly. That’s why we have a flexible production facility. And when the job requires it, we are happy like to work both day and night. This can quickly save you many hours of downtime.

The right quality

We can produce (almost) all types of rubber grades. For us, this is not critical. But we can’t help but advise you on which quality is most cost-effective for the task. We hold a maxim to always deliver the proper quality, from the first chat until the finished product.

Longer service life 
We produce moulded rubber articles primarily through the process of hot vulcanization. A process where the rubber flows together and becomes dimensionally stable using pressure and heat. This ensures homogeneous products with a long service life.

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Our extensive experience in the offshore industry makes Vento Maritime’s founders and employees experts in our field. We work in collaboration with the world’s largest offshore wind developer to develop our services. Our flexibility also allows for custom-made solutions, taking into account individual needs and communication limitations.
  • Our Offshore Weather Services are provided for:
  • Offshore wind farms under construction
  • Offshore wind farms in operation
  • Cable laying and dredging
  • Rig moves and oil & gas platforms
  • Towage operations
  • Ship to ship operations
  • Other weather-sensitive operations
Lightning Alert Service
Vento Maritime actively monitors for approaching thunderstorms and lightning strikes. This enables you to launch necessary precautions to improve safety at sea.
This service not only considers detected lightning strikes, but also monitors and analyzes lightning potential of near future developing thunderstorms.

MetOcean forecast data
The forecast data (wind, wave height etc.) we provide, is based on the high-quality models from our partner, the Danish Meteorological Institute. The DMI models are verified and validated on a regular basis. 

MetOcean Consultancy
We provide tailor made consultancy related to marine weather and ocean environment. Customized forecast, hind cast and advice to marine projects are offered along with specialized risk analysis reports.
A MetOcean consultancy report will be tailored to your individual requirements, focusing on the parameters that are most important, so that you can confidently plan structural designs or marine operations and thus reduce expensive operational down-time.

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